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Post by Tarragon on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:48 am

While Cameo Forums is devoted to providing a safe, pleasant community to discuss education or hobbies, it would never be considered a safe environment without rules. Because of this, the forum rules and policies are as follows:

**-denotes footnote(s). See bottom of the post for more details regarding rules marked with asterisks.

- A month-duration ban is 30 days.


1. Disclosure of personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. is strictly forbidden on this forum. This forum is not to be used to engage in business-related transactions, or in acts of identity theft. Disclosure of other information, such as social media contacts, real name, phone numbers, e-mail, or addresses are permitted, but only in the circumstance that they are published by the member to which the information belongs. Forcibly publishing other people's information is forbidden.

Please be aware, any user that decides to publish personal information is responsible for their own safety, and is subject to any consequences resulting from voluntary disclosure.

Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will immediately be issued a permanent ban by forum administrative staff.

2. Cyberbullying, including but not limited to: threatening another user or the users' pets and family with physical harm, attempting to coerce other users via threatening behavior, attempting to encourage other users to engage in illegal activities or behaviors that will harm another person, are all strictly forbidden.

Anyone found guilty of this offense will immediately be issued a permanent ban by forum administrative staff.

3. Sexual topics, including but not limited to: verbal discussion, pornography, or any other media that may involve sexual content, are strictly forbidden.

Bans issued for this offense vary depending on severity. Punishments range between a three-day ban for minor offenses, and permanent bans for severe cases.

4. Engaging in illegal activities, such as hacking, phishing, sale of items restricted by Federal Law, or any other illicit behaviors will not be tolerated.

Users found guilty of this offense will immediately be issued a permanent ban by forum administrative staff.

5. Disruptive behaviors, such as deliberately provoking arguments (Flaming), attempting to harass users (Trolling), and Spamming, are strictly forbidden.

For a first offense, users will be issued a three-day ban from the forum. For a second offense, users will be banned for seven days. Any following offenses will result in the user being issued a two-week ban.

6. Profanity and swearing are not permitted in this forum. Therefore, a censoring filter for posts has been put in place.

Users will be given a verbal warning for the first three times they attempt to cheat the censoring filter, and will be issued a three-day ban for any following offenses.

7. All moderators, section moderators, and administrative staff are appointed by the Lead Administrator. Users may not ask forum staff or the Lead Administrator for promotion into any of these special groups. Doing so is classified as harassment, and will not be tolerated.

Users who repeatedly pester forum staff for a promotion will be issued a seven-day ban.

8. Users may not argue with forum staff regarding the forum rules. While opinions and suggestions are welcome for the purpose of improving the community and its rules, this is only permitted when voiced in a polite, non-inflammatory fashion. The power to give suggestions should not be used for the purpose of insulting forum staff or complaining about leadership without offering possible solutions to perceived problems. Insults and arguments are not constructive, and may be subject to punishments for disruptive behavior as dictated by Rule 5.

Users that attempt to harm the reputation of moderators, administrators, or normal members via publishing false information (Fake private messages containing insults or death threats, etc.) that they claim were written by someone else, whether publicly in threads or in private messages, or who post entire threads devoted to hateful messages also fall under this rule. Such behavior is classified as harassment, cyber-bullying, and libel. A month-long ban will be issued for the first offense. Second offenses will have the ban duration extended to three months. The third offense will be a permanent ban.

9. Moderators and Administrators of Cameo Forums are hereby obligated to obey regulations regarding the severity of bans; it is forbidden for any forum staff to issue punishments that are deemed excessive, or to refrain from banning users whose behavior warrants disciplinary action.

In the case that these problems occur, users are encouraged to report abuse of authority to the Lead Administrator.

10. While Cameo Forums possesses rules that are applicable to all sections and content that appears, various sections of the forums are marked with special rules.

It is important for users posting in threads belonging to special sections to read their section rules, as violation of these rules may warrant punishment.

11. Signatures containing moving GIF's are allowed, however, if complaints are received regarding a GIF, such as confusion, headaches, or seizures linked to flashing colors or rapid movement, you will be asked to remove it.

Failure to comply or serious reports of health issues from concerned members will result in administrative staff forcibly deleting a user's entire signature to protect the health of other users.


Rule 5 Footnote: Aggressive mass harassment or disruption of forum users (i.e. Mass 'Trolling Attacks') will warrant immediate permanent bans by Administrative staff.
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