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Just once the village was active. There was just enough going on for it to be considered bustling. Spodot had just returned from the outside world with petty items for those in Triviis that needed to be just slightly less miserable. He had a large backpack on his back and a stupid grin on his face. He dropped the pack and took an armful of knick knacks out of the bag.

Spodot strolled over to one falsehood in particular, “Wonderful day for bad weather, eh Goose?"

Goose looked annoyed, “Sure, sure, just gimmie my drink.”

Spodot smiled and handed Goose a bottle, “One unit worth of dwarven whiskey, fresh from the Barbed Queen’s royal stash! A fine tasting drink to match a fine tasting day!” Spodot seemed to pull Goose aside from the crowd of needy falsehoods for a moment, and spoke with a hushed voice. “I wanted to give this as thanks for helping those poor souls summoned in last time. I told the Gjothyme about it, she was really pleased with what you did. She even threw in a surprise gift!”

Goose perked up, interested, “Oh really? What is it?”

Spodot pointed up to the cloudy sky, “See those clouds up there? They’re telling you what it is.”

Goose looked at the gray in the sky, and then glared at the spot where Spodot had once been. He was not there.


1. No autoing, god-modding, powerplaying.

2. Characters can be newly created from scratch with the character sheet below, or you could use your own character sheet if you already have one.

3. Magic and sci-fi technology is allowed.

4. No killing without permission.

5. If someone breaks the rules, the GM reserves the right to kill or get rid of characters.

6. Strength may vary, just don’t put gods into Triviis.

7. Write ‘fuzzy pickles’ in your character sheet if you read the rules.

8. PM me your character sheet so I can look it over. If I accept it, I'll let you know via PM that you have permission to post it on the character sheet thread.

Character Sheet











Map of Triviis
Triviis (OOC) Map10
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