THE ARENA: For a lack of a better name. (Character Sheets)

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THE ARENA: For a lack of a better name. (Character Sheets)

Post by Prussian on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:45 am

- Characters from across Totality come together to spar for sport - and the winner attains a treasure of great worth.
- Each duel is commentated by two (or more) guest commentators, who provide entertainment as well as information on the duelists.
- The duels take place in a great coliseum in a (maybe) nameless city, and the event is massively televised.

The Application

Full Name: (Your applicant's full name)

Realm of Origin: (Self-explanitory. Purely for reference.)

Description: (A physical description/ an image, as well as an optional SHORT backstory. A short personality summary is also required. Be sure to give an indication on size, and other dimensions.)

Powers and special abilities: (Any abilities the character may have that needs to be clarified)

Weaponry: (To ensure no hammerspace schenanigans are pulled.)


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Re: THE ARENA: For a lack of a better name. (Character Sheets)

Post by Canis_Dirus on Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:50 pm

Full Name: Nuke

Realm of Origin: the universe Earth exists in (AD 4060)

Description: toned humanoid beaver-like alien, standing upright on two digitigrade legs. His entire body (with the exception of the tail) is covered in brown semi-soft fur, and he wears shiny silver armorweave cloak. When bright light shines on the cloak, it shines like many tiny diamonds were woven into it. He is exactly six feet tall, weighing around 180 pounds.
Nuke is by nature less aggressive than other beings, instead preferring to focus on research and knowledge. He likes to observe and measure things, even if just for the sake of observing. He likes to find the order in things, to see just how things go together, and is quite proficient in doing so. To others, he usually seems like a very intelligent, yet quiet individual. This makes him very proficient at being the leader of his civilization. He has high moral standards, and doesn’t always approve of the ambitiousness and scheming of his friend Cindy. However he is loyal to his friends.
He will often be found observing and just taking in something, even though he understands it completely, such as watching the solar system in motion from very high orbit. One of the ways he improves upon his observation is through meditation. He will spend hours in calm silence, feeling the flow of energy through the universe, feeling the movement of stars and planets alike.
He also can be found working on designs for a new piece of technology. Many breakthroughs in the science and technology of his society are directly due to him.
Despite his more peaceful disposition, when his friends need his help, or his civilization is threatened, he is surprisingly quick to come to their aid on the battlefield. He is one of the few beings known to go into the condition known as righteous anger, where his anger at the pain caused by someone comes out. In these situations is where his power truly comes out, and he does things like blow up planets with a wave of his hand. While he doesn’t ever hold a grudge against an opponent and will gladly welcome them to live as him, he will be rather wary.

Powers and Abilities: Mastery of matter and energy manipulation. His power level would make him a god to lesser beings. He is capable of converting between matter and energy, able to create huge, complex objects in seconds. He can also affect the subatomic particles and their energy states, giving him control of the fundamental forces. This means he can break apart and fuse atoms together at will, create and destroy gravity wells of varying magnitude, and utilize the enormous amounts of energy inside of atoms. He is capable of moving particles, especially his own, at tremendous velocities, and even of teleporting them. He is also capable of affecting exotic matter and energies on a basic level, such as magic and dark matter.
Nuke is capable of thinking at the speed of light, as well as being able to process large amounts of information at once. He is more than a match for a supercomputer. His memorization abilities are immense, making it possible for him to memorize the physics of the universe, as well as designs for warships and complex technology. He also has ultrafast natural reflexes, which are complimented by very acute vision, hearing, touch, and taste, as well as high strength. He also is extremely durable, capable of being shot and falling large distances and suffering no damage. He also heals visibly fast. He has a strong will, which coupled with the overwhelming nature of his mind means that mental attacks usually fail against him.

Weapons: none


Full Name: Tank

Realm of Origin: the universe Earth exists in (AD 4060)

Description: hulking muscular humanoid beaver-like alien, standing upright on two digitigrade legs. His entire body (with the exception of the tail) is covered in brown semi-soft fur, and he wears shiny silver armorweave cloak. When bright light shines on the cloak, it shines like many tiny diamonds were woven into it. He is about 8 feet tall and weighs around 350 pounds. He wears nothing but green digital camoflauge cargo pants.
Tank is the ultimate masculine character. His two favorite hobbies are working out and working on vehicles as a mechanic. He also enjoys things like hunting.
Contrary to what you might think however, he's not that dumb, but he does have some anger issues which can impede his judgement, which compounds his stubborness. He does have some morals, which are mostly the fact that he is totally okay with fighting, but he doesn't really approve of things like kicking puppies or needlessly killing innocents.
He is a materialistic man, and values things like female company, things like cool guns or other toys, and of course he does love a challenge. He is very loyal and admires courage, and will never run from a fight unless he is hopelessly outmatched and he knows it.

Powers and Abilities: Tank's primary power is superstrength, allowing him to with some difficulty move objects as large as moons and perhaps planets out of the way (however doing this is not really done due to him being much smaller than said bodies). Complimenting his strength is extreme durability, allowing him to take large amounts of kinetic and energy damage from things such as space naval artillery before being damaged, although he can and will be knocked flying and does feel pain. Finally, he heals at an accelerated rate, allowing what damage he does take to heal in around 5-20 minutes depending on the damage.

Weapons: his fists (he can also pick up weapons and is skilled with just about any type of firearm)


Full Name: Petri

Realm of Origin: alternative Earth universe

Description: Petri is an ellipsoid grey granite stone, approximately 12 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. His surface is semi smooth, and he weighs about 25 pounds.
Petri is kind of neutral in personality, preferring to be on at least civil if not good terms with those he meets. He can be quite helpful if you're nice to him, and often maintains a rather positive attitude. He has ended up becoming quite a good listener because of this, as it takes a fair amount of effort to communicate. Were communication not so hard, he would probably be the best of friends, since he isn't very judging and likes to help people.
He is slightly pragmatic though, and doesn't have any qualms about using what he has to work with, meaning that those who want to do him harm tend to get hurt fairly quickly.

Powers and Abilities: Petri's primary power is self-telekinesis, allowing him to rotate, jump, and accelerate through space, with a maximum exerted force of 150 pounds. This allows him to move around, and attack if necessary. Theoretically, this allows him to attain a rather impressive velocity, however care must be taken as if he hits something too hard he will shatter, as granite is somewhat brittle.
Petri is also capable altering his own temperature within a range 0 and 2500 degrees Fahrenheit (dT=31.25 deg/sec, full range in 80 sec). In melted form, he is capable of flowing at the dismally slow speed lava is known for, as well as arranging into different basic shapes.
Being a sentient rock, Petri's vitality is not tied to the functioning of any internal organs, and therefore he can survive quite a few things, including shattering. Should any piece above around pea gravel size or larger be broken off, it retains the properties of the main stone and can be controlled up to a half mile away (often this will be used to reincorperate it back into the main body via melting). However, any pieces that are vaporized or smaller than pea gravel size, or that leave a half mile range from the main body are permanantly lost and become normal stone.
Petri has extremely good vision (visible, IR, UV), hearing and smell (comparable to a dog), as well as tremorsense, which allows him to fairly accurately feel via ground vibration where something is, so long as it is moving.

Weapons: none

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