English and Literature Section Rules

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English and Literature Section Rules

Post by Tarragon on Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:53 pm

While users conducting business in Cameo Forums are permitted to seek help for educational purposes, the nature of the subjects of English and Literature warrants a few extra rules unique to this section. The rules and policies are as follows:

English and Literature Section Rules

1. Forum users, when posting in the English and Literature section, are only permitted to post individual paragraphs from essays in the form of screenshots or images. It is forbidden to post essays alone, or to post a complete, entire essay.

2. Anyone who wishes to critique a person's work may do so, so long as it is constructive in nature. Anyone wishing to assist a person by correcting their grammar is not permitted to provide revised versions of a paper in any form or fashion. You may, however, take a screenshot or image provided of individual paragraphs, and highlight grammar and add notes, and submit those instead.

3. It is strictly forbidden to ask someone else to write an essay for you, or to volunteer to assist someone with their paper in this fashion, regardless if it is done out of charity, or if someone offers monetary pay in return.

4. Posting URLs for educational sources to help people find information for a paper or to obtain formatting help is permitted, however, any and all links posted will be checked by an appointed section moderator. Do not post links to sites that either contain malicious URLs, or to sites that offer services such as writing your paper for you.

5. Any outside sources posted for the purpose of assisting users in writing an essay must come from legitimate sources that would be accepted by an academic facility. Do not take sources from sites such as Wikipedia or from social media. These are not legitimate sources.


The majority of these rules are in place in order to prevent plagiarism, or any other means by which an essay may be written or obtained in a fashion that constitutes academic misconduct. If found guilty of plagiarism, high school students may receive a zero on their assignment, which in many cases can make up a large portion of their final grade. If a student plagiarizes a paper written for extra-credit, a teacher may make the paper a graded assignment, and force the student to re-do it. In college, a student may receive either a zero for their assignment, or worse, disciplinary action may be taken for academic misconduct. Do not violate these rules. Anyone who plagiarizes a paper will be caught.
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