Triviis (Character Sheets)

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Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Glict on Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:35 pm

Character Sheet Template










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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Glict on Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:37 pm

Name: Goose

Age: He's been alive since before the creation of his realm, which is longer than any normal number can reach. However, he does seem to be in his early 20s.

Gender: Male

Species: Falsehood

Homeworld: Triviis

Physical Appearance: He looks entirely human except for a single defining feature—His eyes. They're rather strange for a falsehood. Most have various colors about their sclera, iris and pupil, but not Goose. He lacks irises entirely and has a single black cat-like pupil for both eyes. As for his sclera, they're completely textureless and glow the smoothest white ever seen. As for the more humanlike features, his hair is brown and messy. He has a slight underbite and a rather angry facial structure. He stands at 6'4 which is just nearly below average for a falsehood. His build is just a bit more muscular than average. As for his clothes, he wears a brown leather vest and dark green leather pants. No shoes are present on his feet.

Personality: The main trait about him is his severe hatred for things he doesn't understand, although he usually doesn't do much about it except make empty threats and curse at people. He's extremely stubborn and loves to win, even at things that don't matter in the slightest amount. Goose has a very strong sense of justice and will follow his ideals, even if it means the death of him. He is a worshiper of the Gjothyme, or god of Triviis, though his relationship with religion is a rather casual one. He absolutely hates anything demonic or unholy. Goose has the mouth of a sailor and is very proud of it, even though half the time he curses it's in a language that only falsehoods know. He's quick to anger and is easily irritated, so likewise, he has no tolerance for idiots. Most of the time he will call someone out when they say something stupid. If someone attempts to become friends with Goose, that said person will have to try very hard to get him to open up, but after a long time working through the thick mat of issues he has with you, he's the most loyal friend you can have. If you give him reason to trust and support you as a friend, he will do the same fervently.

Abilities/Powers: Telekinesis is the only spell he can use, and he has a strong affinity with it. Probably the only downside to it is the fact that if he overexerts himself with this type of magic, it can lead to mental strains such as loss of willpower, headaches, lowered perception, and in some cases, unconsciousness.

Skills: Being in a world where there are constant fighting between clans tends to leave you with at least a few skills. He's rather good at hand to hand combat, not a professional though. He can run fast, but isn't much of an athlete besides that. He can read really well, but rarely uses this skill.

Biography: Goose remembers nothing further back than the creation of Triviis. He's spent his entire life constantly fighting for control of a benevolent temple that allowed the Gjothyme to reach out and bless his kind.

Other: Goose is willing to try any food or drink, and tends to like the taste of everything. He especially likes alcohol and is usually never affected by inebriation.
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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Glict on Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:41 pm

Name: Roach

Age: Like all the falsehoods, he is billions upon billions of years old but appears to be in his sixties.

Gender: Male

Species: Falsehood

Homeworld: Triviis

Physical Appearance: Roach, like the other falsehoods, looks rather human. Unlike humans however, his eyes are an unusual color. His eyes have no defining features other the fact that they are entirely black. Roach’s sclera, iris and pupil aren’t able to be seen because all of them are the same shade of black, which makes them all seem to blend together. Roach is bald and has large cracked spectacles. He’s rather tall, even for a falsehood, standing at exactly seven feet. His facial structure is long and sharp. His eyes are squinty and plagued with crows feet. Roach wears a gray long sleeved shirt and a brown vest that seems to be exactly the same as Goose’s. His brown leather pants are patched on the knees with worn gray denim. The patches have white bleach marks on them and generally don’t seem to match the overall aesthetic of the falsehoods, almost like they were taken from another realm. On his feet, there are rugged steel toed boots.

Personality: Roach tends to be very judgemental but is too outwardly nice to show it. He’s rather awkward in conversation. It’s hard to get him to laugh, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t smile and joke with others. He doesn’t trust a lot of people outside his small inner circle of brothers. He loves Goose and Blood with a burning passion and will do anything for them. He has no trust in the other falsehoods; they don’t matter to him. He’s prone to mental breakdowns if someone tries to get at him. To Roach, strangers are always perceived as a threat because he has known literally everyone in Triviis for a very long time.

Abilities/Powers: He has a very powerful sixth sense that can sense the presence of others in an approximate half mile radius. The farther the person is from Roach, the less he can sense about them. There’s actually a lot he can tell from his sixth sense. He can sense their mood, their mental capabilities, their powers, and even their intentions, albeit very vaguely.

Skills: Roach is extremely efficient with polearms. He has a collection of spears that has been allocated over the course of many years working with the portal slaves and knows the strengths and weaknesses of all of them.

Other: He gives off a strangely powerful aura, even though he’s rather weak. This has been the case for many many years, but no one has figured out why. He also hates eating.
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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Prussian on Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:54 pm

Name: Idgó

Age: Unknown and irrelevent

Gender: Asexual

Species: Metallurgist (Explained here and here if you're interested)

Homeworld: One of many Metallurgist worlds. When asked, Idgó would answer that he was born on Gnossos, the hollow, fragmental world that serves as the capital of the Metallurgists' Idyll. Though given his apparently relatively young age, it is unlikely that Idgó was born on Gnossos itself - not after the forging of Metallurgists hollowed and nearly destroyed it.

Appearance: Click here
I actually like this pic better:

Note: Straightsword not included.

Idgó only possessses one arm with three fingers. His legs, though enshrouded, are deformed and are generally of little use. Though, as a Metallurgist, his ability to levitate allows him more than enough mobility on a daily basis.

I'd also like to mention that the black spot on his face is a blue light that acts as an eye, and can similarly change shape in order to more easily express emotion - like a somewhat cartoonish eye in nature.

Personality: Metallurgists, to those who know them, are mentally unconquerable killing machines, whose only purpose is to destroy all life and, in the process, pave the way for their Idyll to conquer the galaxy. Needless to say, not many are kind towards the Metallurgists. While true Metallurgist culture is more complicated than that, Idgó is an exception to every rule of the Idyll - no Metallurgist would accept him, and no alien would recognize him as a true Metallurgist. Perhaps it was only fitting that Idgó would make a home out of Triivis like he did.

Jovial and innocent, Idgó is a true oddity. He knows little of his true origins, and absolutely nothing of the negative connotation that the Metallurgists possess - though this will not matter in Triivis, for he may well be the only Metallurgist to ever even see the place, much less live in it. If he is aware of his deformities, as well, he pays little mind; he has little use for the greater strength of a fully-functional body.

In fact, Idgó is hardly a fighter (not that he has the body for a fight). Idgó would serve well, instead, as support during a fight, which ties in quite nicely to his nonconfrontational personality.
That is to say - Idgó is so nonconfrontational that he sees few things as enemies. While he himself, with his body of a Metallurgist, is very durable, there are occasions when his sheer innocence may endanger his friends.

Abilities/Powers: Idgó is able to levatate for an indefinite amount of time - though only about three feet off the ground, at best. This is no different from other Metallurgists; even with his physical disabilies, Idgó is able to glide quite smoothly across the ground. Similarly, his body is composed of a peculiar alloy - not quite stone, and not quite metal - that, even in Idgó's malformed figure, is extremely durable.
In order to slay Idgó, one must destroy his head, and the glowing blue core within.

Skills: Idgó's internal programming allows for him to be able to master any Metallurgist weapon he comes across, though, again, this is not likely to be useful in Triivis. However, Idgó is also likely to be proficient in computers in general, as well as the code within.

Other: selkciP yzzuF

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Tarragon on Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:03 pm

General Information
Full Name: Simona Dave Clark
Alias: Honey
Sex: Female
Age: 18

Height: 5’7” (170.8cm)
Weight: 134.8lbs (61.1kg)

Physical Description: Simona, who prefers to go by the nickname Honey, is a changeling who has practically no human-like attributes physically. Born with strong animalistic qualities, while her arms resemble a human’s in shape, they are more powerfully-built, and her legs possess a digitigrade structure. She has an additional appendage in the form of a large, otter-like tail. Her overall body is very muscular in an animalistic sense, although still distinctly feminine. Her hands retain a similar shape to a human’s, but are thicker and more paw-like, with fur covering their backs and leathery black skin on the palms and soles. Her feet are entirely paws with five digits. She possesses short, hooked claws and a small amount of webbing that reaches up to the first joint on each digit. Aside from the palms of her hands and feet, Honey is completely covered with extremely thick, remarkably soft long brown fur over her entire body. Around her head area, this fur becomes much longer, distinctly mane-like, and grows far past her shoulders and along her back, the exceptional length ending at the base of her tail, earning her the more derogatory nickname of ‘fluffball’.
Honey’s face, like the rest of her body, is more animal-like in appearance. Her nose and mouth are drawn out into a graceful, cat-like snout, with a black, downturned nose that looks much like a rabbit’s, and feline lips that conceal long, pointed white teeth. Despite these animal-like traits, however, Honey is still capable of making human facial expressions, such as smiling (Best done without teeth because sharp teeth are kind of scary when you smile, even if you look like a cute fluffy creature), frowning, and a wide range of other gestures.  The upper portion of her face is similar to a cat’s, but possesses a muscular structure similar to a human’s. Faint dark markings mark her eyebrows and other facial features; similar to a mountain lion’s in appearance. Her eyes have a similar shape and layout to a human’s, with long, dark eyelashes and upper eyelids covered with fur, but the eyeball itself is very different. The sclera of Honey’s eyes is a deep, intense shade of red, and the irises, which are much larger than in a normal person, are yellow around the edges, but closer to the center and around the pupil, change to a deep, and sapphire blue. Pale black markings around her eyes strikingly contrast with their natural colors.
Honey’s ears, which are incredibly large and possess tufted tips like a lynx, are often seen peeking out of her mane. She is stated to often give off a sweet, mint-like smell, which is seemingly a natural result of her powers.

Attire: Honey, despite possessing poor eyesight in general, wears neither glasses nor contacts, as there is no way to correct her severe nearsightedness. Instead, she relies heavily on her sense of hearing to navigate, and if she must examine something, approaches it until she is close enough to identify it.
For clothing, Honey often chooses to wear bold cotton shirts that match the colors present in her eyes (preferably red) under a black long-sleeve denim jacket, which she wears almost every single day. This jacket possesses two front pockets, along with brass-colored buttons, and yellow stitches. Live-plant jewelry is also common for Honey, who can sustain the plants with her presence alone. Commonly, Honey wears terrarium necklaces containing hardy aquatic plants, such as marimo or java moss, or air plants on a chain. For jewelry, Honey appears to give preference to a silver chain for all of her charms.
Honey almost exclusively wears loose-fitting black sports pants, some of them possessing matching colors for her eyes in stripes down the sides of the legs, as there is still little investing into the manufacture of clothing that properly suits digitigrade leg-types. Thus, things such as jeans or nicely-fitting leggings are difficult to obtain without paying the price to specially-alter an existing pair. Sports pants, due to the type of fabric they possess, more readily conform to abnormal leg shapes, and the only modification needed is a hole cut in the back for her tail.
For special occasions, Honey will attempt to dress nicer than usual, normally by wearing silk tops along with her one good pair of dress slacks, which have been specially-made to fit her anatomical features.
No matter the occasion, Honey never wears shoes of any sort. No shoe properly fits her feet, and any sort of foot covering tends to interfere with her movement.

Outward Personality: Outwardly, Honey is a very sweet, thoughtful person, and normally reluctant to harm others, averse to the concept of being the object of anyone’s hatred. She is well-known for generously presenting gifts to friends and acquaintances, and is typically well-liked by others for her capacity to be pleased with even the smallest acts of kindness. Extremely loyal, she can be trusted to keep any secret that is confided in her, without malice or judgement. While she may not be seen as anything more than a friend by those around her, she is, nevertheless, a person that nobody could replace.  Honey is the type of individual who easily accepts people, regardless of their personalities or circumstances, and is a comforting presence to those in need of a sympathetic ear.
Despite this outward friendliness, however, Honey is by no means subservient or weak-willed, as her behavior may initially lead crueler individuals to believe. She is neither stupid nor timid in nature, and will readily abandon her typically gentle demeanor if mistreated. While almost never resorting to outright violence or arguing, Honey has been observed to take a cold, indifferent attitude towards those that are abusive, outright slapping them if they dare to go too far, and even towards friends, she is markedly blunt. Refusing to lie for any reason, even to spare the feelings of others, Honey is brutally honest, never sugarcoating her words. Additionally, while she easily goes along with the plans of others, if Honey disagrees with an idea or concept, she capable of being unshakably stubborn in the pursuit of her own goals. Honey is, in a nutshell, a person who, while disliking confrontation, is not afraid to do so if it is necessary.
Social interaction aside, Honey has many notable traits about her regular mannerisms and behavior. With powers that have a subtle, yet obvious effect on plant life, she is permitted to keep many different plants in her possession although according to many higher-up officials, there is another, more special reason for why she has this privilege. With a love of plants that is readily called an obsession, both by others and by Honey herself, she lavishes care on these specimens, and is deeply offended and hurt when others regard them as stupid or insignificant. Despite this, however, she quickly forgives those who claim they do not care about plants, because, as she openly declares herself, her love of greenery is excessive and can easily wear down others if she begins to talk too much about them. Obsessions aside, however, Honey has no interest in common, everyday plants, and any specimen that she possesses is unique and special, some of them even being endangered in the wild, and thus a part of her active efforts to reproduce the species; she also does not have a small number in her collection, either, as any place she occupies is filled with so many plants that the term ‘jungle’ is readily applied (It is also described as very clean, and is said to smell ‘like it does outdoors right after it rains’)
Honey, strangely, also possesses a plant…one specific plant that nobody can properly identify. Approximately six inches in diameter, this plant appears to be a gigantic ball in shape, with individual tendrils that strongly resemble a Japanese painted fern in appearance, but with the addition of a strong, metallic-looking iridescence that makes the leaves occasionally shine like silver. These leaves emerge like fiddleheads, further reinforcing that this plant is some sort of fern, but if so, this does not explain the strange…behavior. The individual leaves on the plant’s fronds notably twitch back and forth in response to light, noise, and touch, and even collapse down and curl back up into fiddleheads whenever something the plant ‘dislikes’ occurs, such as harsh sounds, or rough handling. Also emerging at the tips of each frond is a flytrap-like structure. These traps on the outside are a deep, intensely dark purple like the central veins of each frond, but in the center, are a bright red shade that almost seems to glow, due to its intensity, and the trigger hairs fade from purple at the base into a brilliant sapphire blue. These colors are said to be the same as Honey’s eyes. Also on the outside of the traps on each side are two, teardrop-shaped white spots, often said to resemble eyes on a gaping maw. The smallest traps formed can be as tiny as one centimeter, or grow up to one-and-a-half inches. Eerily, these traps do not automatically respond when their trigger hairs are stimulated, like a normal venus flytrap, and therefore, they do not activate when touched by human hands or by rain. The only time these traps close is when an actual food-like item is presented, suggesting that the plant somehow ‘knows’ it will actually have something trapped if it closes.
In addition to the ball-like shape, moving leaves, and seemingly sentient traps, Honey’s alien-looking plant also possesses long, ghostly-white trailing roots dangling down from random points over the entire specimen, although Honey has suggested that these are not in fact roots, but modified leaves. Like tendrils, they possess a formation similar to carnivorous corkscrew plants, seemingly composed of little tubes, which are capable of trapping ants, sealing shut whenever something enters inside, and similarly sentient like the flytraps. Even more strangely, these tendrils often visibly twist and curl, practically like the tentacles of a squid or octopus, and Honey has taken advantage of this. Because the tendrils grip objects they come into contact with, and they are strong enough to hold the plant in place, Honey often uses this to attach the plant to her tail or shoulder, allowing her to keep her hands free. Some people have suggested hearing ominous noises come from the plant, such as quiet laughter, and occasionally words, some of which entail that it has knowledge of their secrets…
In addition to its striking, yet unnatural appearance, Honey appears to have a special connection to this plant, which is in some way ‘mutated’. It is stated that when genetic testing was performed, the DNA of the plant identified it as a chamomile flower, similar to the common daisy. Even when it makes little sense, Honey is well known for the habit in which she keeps the plant with her, regardless of where she is going, and will only reluctantly leave it behind if she is ordered to do so. She is highly protective of it, and despite her usual social behavior, will often outright refuse to relinquish the plant to anyone else, becoming uncharacteristically sullen or aggressive if the matter is too heavily pressed. When asked why she cares about the plant so much, or why she wants to bring it with her, Honey vaguely provides the explanation, “It needs me, and it likes listening to our conversation.”

Species: Changeling
Allegiance: Primacy


Power Class: Form, Other

*Power Description: Honey’s powers are, for the most part, described as a dryad in animal form, for lack of better words. While she may appear slow, due to her short, stocky limbs, Honey is capable of moving at a decent pace using either bipedal or quadruped locomotion, though nothing extraordinary can be said of this. She has a strong sense of smell that surpasses that of a human, though this ability is primarily tailored towards identifying things in her immediate environment, and cannot be used for tracking. Her eyesight is very poor, only capable of seeing clearly whatever is within the first two feet of her, before dissipating into a blur, this issue seemingly being a result of her anatomy, and impossible to correct via any artificial means. Her hearing is exceptionally sensitive, and, like a young child, she can detect higher-pitched sounds that most lose the capability to detect by the time they reach adulthood (Can’t hear the echolocation of bats or a dog whistle? Honey can). Honey has been proven to have the natural ability echolocate, offsetting her poor vision, using louder, more audible clicks, alongside the noise of footsteps and sounds from ambient surroundings. Honey appears to give preference to footsteps over clicks, suggesting the clicking is a learned behavior. This echolocation is well-developed, though not perfect, and is sufficient to navigate dark areas. Despite blurry vision, anything that Honey is not sure she identified properly via sound can be confirmed using eyesight.
Non-extraordinary sensory endowments aside, Honey’s form does have benefits, primarily regarding movement and the capability to get from point A to point B. Her sharp, hooked nails make her an excellent climber when faced with steep structures, so long as they have a texture to grip. Her thick hair creates a perfect, watertight seal, effectively keeping her warm, even when caught in rain or submerged. Honey’s flexible limbs that can pull close to her body, and the faint amount of webbing on her hands and feet make her an incredible swimmer, and she is capable of holding her breath for a maximum of thirteen minutes, though this is with minimal exertion. Finally, she has the strength to lift approximately twice her body weight—not enough to throw cars or engage in other feats of super-strength associated with supernatural gifts, but sufficient to move heavy obstacles out of her path, and if confronted, potentially eliminate the weight advantage of a larger opponent.
Wherever Honey wishes to go, she will get there, one way or another.
Physical powers aside, Honey does possess a stranger facet to her powers, exhibited whenever plants or certain kinds of fungus are exposed to her presence, or directly touched. Sometimes described as a kind of ‘dryad’ by those who are aware of this gift, Honey’s presence alone has a powerful, bolstering effect on vegetation. Although she is known to work very hard towards providing ideal growing environments, suited to the species of plant in her care, it is strongly believed that anything that has been touched by Honey will flourish, even if improperly treated or neglected. This effect is so great that plants exhibit behaviors not present naturally: they grow much faster, develop leaf variegation, propagate via clones if possible, and bloom, regardless of whether or not they receive adequate light, water, humidity, or temperature requirements. This gift extends to even the most sensitive of plants, with seeds guaranteed to sprout the moment they are touched, and plants that never bloom in cultivation doing so, mere days after being exposed to her presence.
Because Honey can keep virtually any sort of plant alive, she is highly valued outside of military combat interests, for her capability to potentially further research and conservation of endangered or rare species. The catch to this power, however, is that a plant will not benefit from the effects of her presence indefinitely. A plant that is not physically touched will lose its unnatural vigor approximately three days after its last exposure. Plants that have been touched benefit from the effects for much longer; perhaps thirty days, but afterwards, return to a normal state.
It is implied that the special chamomile plant that is the direct result of Honey’s powers is one-of-a-kind, and no other plant will mutate, so long as its existence persists. It is theorized that, if killed, the next suitable plant that Honey physically touches will mutate into a replacement.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Canis_Dirus on Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:18 pm

Name: Petri ("pet-tree")

Age: 513 years

Gender: masculine

Species: sentient rock

Homeworld: somewhere rocky

Appearance: Petri is an ellipsoid grey granite stone, approximately 12 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. His surface is semi smooth, and he weighs about 25 pounds.

Personality: Petri is kind of neutral in personality, preferring to be on at least civil if not good terms with those he meets. He can be quite helpful if you're nice to him, and often maintains a rather positive attitude. He has ended up becoming quite a good listener because of this, as it takes a fair amount of effort to communicate. Were communication not so hard, he would probably be the best of friends, since he isn't very judging and likes to help people.
He is slightly pragmatic though, and doesn't have any qualms about using what he has to work with, meaning that those who want to do him harm tend to get hurt fairly quickly.

Abilities/Powers: Petri's primary power is self-telekinesis, allowing him to rotate, jump, and accelerate through space, with a maximum exerted force of 150 pounds. This allows him to move around, and attack if necessary. Theoretically, this allows him to attain a rather impressive velocity, however care must be taken as if he hits something too hard he will shatter, as granite is somewhat brittle.
Petri is also capable altering his own temperature within a range 0 and 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, moving accross the entire range is a little over a minute. In melted form, he is capable of flowing at the dismally slow speed lava is known for, as well as arranging into different basic shapes.
Being a sentient rock, Petri's vitality is not tied to the functioning of any internal organs, and therefore he can survive quite a few things, including shattering. Should any piece above around pea gravel size or larger be broken off, it retains the properties of the main stone and can be controlled up to a half mile away (often this will be used to reincorperate it back into the main body via melting). However, any pieces that are vaporized or smaller than pea gravel size, or that leave a half mile range from the main body are permanantly lost and become normal stone.
Petri has extremely good vision (visible, IR, UV), hearing and smell (comparable to a dog), as well as tremorsense, which allows him to fairly accurately feel via ground vibration where something is, so long as it is moving.

Skills: Petri has a pretty well rounded practical knowlege of things, enough so that he can be a valuable ally. He also is a pretty good aim.

Other: Petri cannot speak in any way, nor make any noise apart from thumping the ground via hopping. If he had a mouth, he might like fuzzy pickles, but we're not sure.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Glict on Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:07 pm

Name: Snail

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Species: Land Octopus

Homeworld: Huebron-6597 H

Appearance: Snail is a neon green octopus that fits the exact average size of a giant pacific octopus. His voice seems rather detached from his body as sometimes the source of his voice isn’t always coming directly from his mouth. His voice sounds like a preteen doing a terribly inaccurate impression of Squidward Tentacles.

Personality: Snail is extremely blunt and oblivious to social norms. He likes showing off his intelligence and takes everything very literally. He has a very strange vocabulary and expects everyone to know what he means all the time, no exceptions. He is very neutral towards everything, but tends to favor logical appeal over emotional appeal.

Abilities/Powers: He has supernatural intelligence with an IQ of approximately 500, though he lacks the common sense to back it up.

Skills: His tentacles have extreme dexterity and can work as well as any human hand.

Other: Snail once encountered a man that wanted to photograph him, but the photographer wanted him to say “Fuzzy Pickles” instead of “Cheese.” What the poor photographer didn’t realize is that no matter what Snail said, it would not affect the facial expression of Snail as octopi are not facialy animated.
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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Valarina Tesla on Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:11 pm

Name: Camryn

Age: She despises counting past 100, somewhere over 100 then

Gender: Female

Species: Anasazi

Home world: she was born off-world therefore she has no home world in her own view. As an egg she was found on one planet and hatched while the ship was on its way somewhere else. She does not know the exact details for they are not important to her.

Appearance: She has red irises, light blonde kinda shaggy hair, and sharp teeth. She has multiple pairs of wings like an insect. She is around 5 foot and 6 inches, and she has a tail that is normally tightly curled and tucked under her shirt.

Personality: She is normally agreeable unless you give her a very good reason to not trust you. She takes things rather literally. She will be very loyal and can be very selfless. She thinks she is funny, but more often than not her humor isn’t very funny. She will try to be your friend if she likes you and if you don’t accept it, it will happen anyways.

Abilities: She is a trained assassin but she just likes to say, “I’m very good at killing things”. Her tail has spines that can be shot out similar to a porcupines quills. Also she is venomous but rarely ever bites and sometimes forgets that she is venomous.

Powers: She has some very basic telepathic powers though her main power is ice. She normally uses it to turn her forearms into ice blades. She can breathe extremely cold air onto others but doesn’t do it often. If startled she sometimes turns one forearm into an ice blade and holds the potential threat at blades length. She can form ice blades quickly but cannot melt her ice quickly, so she has to wait for it to melt before being able to use her hand and forearm again

Other: She isn’t romantic at all. She likes especially hot or spicy foods and hates fuzzy pickles. She sings sometimes but not very often and isn’t good at it. She has florescent blood that is bright pink.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Sairei on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:10 pm

Name: Dorado Iamori

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Fortunate

Homeworld: None, but he comes from the Fortunate Plane.

Appearance: Dorado is a humanoid creature with skin as black as a starless night sky. He has large, violet eyes and stands six feet, two inches tall. He has a small, pointed nose and no visible ears. He has no hair on his entire body. Typically Dorado is clad in a set of spiky, gold-colored plate armor that glimmers even in the faintest of light. It is both magical and technological in nature. Inlaid in the center of his chest-piece is a teardrop-shaped ruby that occasionally glows red. Naturally this armor also comes with an appropriately matching helmet, gauntlets, and boots, as well as an elegant similarly-ornate gold rifle.
Underneath his armor, Dorado wears a tight-fitting black suit that is supposed to prevent chafing.

Personality: In a word, Dorado is cowardly. He typically flees from combat if he can and tries to avoid any form of conflict. However, he is also quick to anger, and this can sometimes result in him doing things he instantly regrets, like punching the given [thing] that made him angry. Dorado could also be classified as a nervous wreck. He’s also stubborn and generally distrustful, and of average intelligence.

Abilities/Powers: Dorado is cursed with terrible bad luck and the inability to die permanently. Dorado can be slain—and he vividly remembers each time he’s been killed—but he will always ‘respawn’ after a few seconds. The act of respawning typically makes him ill and he will require a few minutes to recover. Typically the place Dorado respawns is completely random and he has no control over where he might appear. Consequently, he could appear literally anywhere in the vast expanse of the aether metaverse.
Dorado’s armor and rifle always respawn with him. Dorado will never respawn in a location that isn’t habitable, such as the vacuum of space or the inside of a volcano. Of course, nothing is stopping the environment he appears in from suddenly turning inhospitable.
Dorado’s bad luck does not extend to anyone he happens to be traveling with, and it will never impact the group negatively. It only applies to him. For example, if Dorado is walking alone in a mountain pass known for having falling rocks, he will indubitably experience a landslide and have to deal with the consequences. However, if traveling the same pass with others, he might only get whacked in the face with a rock.
Sometimes Dorado’s flight response is so strong he gains the strength to do something he couldn’t previously. Things like crash shoulder-first through a barricaded door or scale an obstacle in his path. Of course, he has to be absolutely terrified or angry beyond belief for any of this to happen, and it’s quite likely that his bad luck will kick in and effectively nerf anything he tries to do regardless.  

Skills: At one point Dorado was a trained soldier, so his aim is precise and he can hold his own in hand-to-hand if necessary. He’s also more agile that he looks.

Other: Dorado lived in a sewer underneath an alien city for awhile. It worked because there was a pasta shop above an outlet that he occasionally stole lasagna from. Sometimes the lasagna had fuzzy pickles in it.
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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Fonmatter on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:49 am

丂ム爪ムリ中ズ乇刀, ズ凵爪中尺ノ
“Kumori” Samayoken

Kumori has been given a “birthday” from her previous master, just for the sake of having a day to celebrate. This is technically her “age”, though it may be off by a few years, as her species doesn't really show signs of getting older.

Elementals that live to serve human masters.

A world with an appearance similar to Feudal Japan, though only on the surface. Hokanoie's people treasure the past and plans for the future, with the world's magic-infused technology both matching and outmatching modern Earth. It is advanced in the sense that its technology excels at conserving space and making all sorts of objects multipurpose.

Physical Appearance:
Rough Sketch:

Complete Drawing:

i need to redraw this aaa

A storm elemental dressed with armor reminiscent of a samurai’s, Kumori looks like a woman molded out of a dark, bluish cloud. From her head is a ponytail made of the same sort of element, which goes a bit past her shoulders. Other than being a person made of gas, she looks relatively human-like. Her face glows a little lighter than the rest of her body...though calling it a face is a bit of a stretch considering that she lacks eyes and a nose.

At first glance, Kumori fits the description of a typical “samurai”, honorable, loyal, respectful, and disciplined. While she does tend to fall into a lot of those stereotypes at times, she can be a bit air-headed and can be found staring off into space. Before losing her master, that wasn't always the case, yet a Meshitsukai without a master is never in the best state. Occasionally Kumori appears more on the melancholy side because of this loss, lost in memories, though she claims that she isn't upset and is simply remembering things. "Learning from the past" as she says. In general, Kumori trys not to be too negative and stays level-headed in most situations. While it looks like she is stoic and unfeeling, thinking about happier times puts a slight smile on her face, and her mindset is leans on the positive side.

Being a Meshitsukai makes Kumori extremely light, making dodging her main way of dealing with attacks aimed her way. Her strongest attributes are her speed and stamina. Kumori's speed is so quick that she can scale some walls, though she can't run forever and will eventually slow down from all the running. In the strange occurrence where she's unable to dodge, she will take quite the beating, as Meshitsukai's weakness are direct hits. When things are even worse than a few blows to the body, she will "dissolve" and remain only as a rock with "く中尺乇" carved in glowing, blue characters. This is essentially her "heart". Meshitsukai cannot die unless their "heart" is crushed to fine dust. If even the smallest pebble is left over, a cloud will start forming again and overtime will revert to the original shape. One could say that her species has the tenacity of a cockroach, but Hokanoie's people would find that to be an insulting description and would rather have them be compared to something more poetic.

It's not a pleasant experience, even if Meshitsukai (supposedly) cannot feel pain.

As a combat-based Meshitsukai, her skills in fighting are a given. Her aim is steady and true, though Kumori isn't as experienced in battle as she could be, being as she was used more for housework instead of actual battling. Of course, she's no pushover - when her weapon is in her hands, she won't go down without striking back. Being from Hokanoie and all, it is expected that what she fights with something with multiple features. Her weapon (that she insists in calling, "爪ノリム乙ムズノ", feeling as if it was disgracing the name by not saying it in her native tongue) - is a glorified katana-rifle mix. Its ammo are bullets of various "elements", though naturally, she prefers matching the ammo with herself. At times where it seems necessary, a bullet can be released as a coating for the sword instead of something meant to be shot. A blend of magic and technology, the two things that Hokanoie prides itself in, 爪ノリム乙ムズノ is a well-crafted and durable weapon. Kumori additionally has a shoulder-plate (the golden-colored thing on her arm in her picture) that can expand itself to be a large shield. Compared to fighting, Kumori is considerably more skilled at blocking and will prefer to protect others over herself as that is essentially her purpose. After everything is done, Kumori's blade can fold itself and she simply needs to attach it to her belt. Her shield simply reverts back to being a shoulder-plate.

Outside of combat, Kumori is...really good at housework. For someone who doesn't need to eat, she can cook pretty well.

Supposedly nothing interesting. While she is a combat-centered Meshitsukai (in terms of what her assigned purpose is), she has not spent a lot of her life fighting and mostly spent it…well, doing chores. If you want to hear long tales about the times she folded laundry, be her guest, but it's sincerely not anything that could keep your attention for long periods of time.

She does not want to talk about being masterless and will shy away from the topic if asked about it.

For whatever reason, Kumori faults herself for not having a master. Despite her assigned purpose being for combat, her master had her do other things when she was under his service. He was an older man without children and a wife who only craved company. It wasn't something Kumori could understand at first. She would ask what sort of threats could possibly explain why she had to be there and all he would do is laugh at the question. Whenever she insisted on being given some kind of order, he would give in and make her do things around the house. Doing so made her complain inwardly as that wasn't exactly what she thought she was meant for, but a Meshitsukai with orders was a proper Meshitsukai. As time passed, Kumori became closer to this man and he gave her a name, "Kumori", as "Samayoken" was the equivalent of a job title. He also gave her a "birthday" just so he could shower her in presents like the daughter he never had, like a fine scarf that she still clings to today. Despite the fact she was a being believed incapable of emotions, Kumori had spent a long period of happiness with her "father". The time with him made him realize that she wasn't the only of her kind with emotions - rather, they all had them, only expressing them differently from people.

Time wasn't kind to the man. As it marched forward, Kumori was unaffected as he slowed down. Things that they used to be able to do together were now only memories. Even a simple walk to the pond outside of home was too much. She hoped and hoped for him to get better. He assured her that this was "just a part of life" and that he wasn't going to be able to, so she had to cherish these times when they lasted. It didn't make sense. The man spoke to her in comforting euphemisms and it only made her more confused. All he ever started talking about was how she was supposed to remember everything, to remember their times together.

One night, he asked her to read her a story before bed. Something he read as a child. Never in her life did he ask for such a thing, though it was in bad taste to disregard a master's orders. Pulling a chair near his bed, Kumori read the story out loud, the man smiling as he closed his eyes. There was something...unnatural about how peacefully he fell asleep. Thinking something was wrong, she decided on waking him up, but he didn't. He wouldn't. Shaking him out of panic, the situation didn't change.

He was still gone.

Why? Her kind didn't just...stop like that. They kept moving. So why didn't he?

Fairly sheltered from all of her years spent with him, the idea of "death" caused because of age couldn't be explained. There had to be something she didn't pay attention to, something that she had to notice to stop whatever happened to him.

And as the rain fell off her face and on the pages, she understood why he wanted someone to talk to.

- She has a strange speech pat1tern that's not technically incorrect, just a bit unique.

- On top of her armor is a silk scarf that she is deeply attached to. If it gets damaged in any way…er, just hope you’re not the one who ruins it in any way.

- While her species doesn’t really need to eat, she enjoys food and has a preference for cold meals. The fact that she can eat is a mystery to herself and the rest of her species, since there really isn't a need to, but it's a minor detail that doesn't matter much. Kumori has a theory on why, and is stumped at what could be the how.

- Her "hair" can be easily shaped, so it can be styled in a variety of ways. She does not find it necessary to change it, though if it makes others happy, she doesn't mind having it styled.

- Kumori can usually tell what the weather is going to be like...if it's what people call bad weather. At least she likes it.

- The Earth equivalent of her given "birthday" is January 5th. Her age isn't important to her as it has "no value" to her, and doesn't help pinpoint the exact amount of years she has been alive.

- Birds are her favorite kind of animal. The red-crowned crane is her favorite bird.

- She can recite a certain book by memory, but only in her native language. It does not translate well.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Sylvanria on Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:07 pm

Name: Torrent Wavecrash

Age: Around 30, no one's exactly sure

Gender: Male

Species: Gryphon

Homeworld: Arcan

Appearance: Torrent has a fairly normal appearance for a gryphon, though he is unusually large. He's a little taller than the average human at his shoulder, with a very stocky build and thick feathers that almost look like a mane. He has a few markings on his head, shoulders, and tail, the same bright blue as his eyes.
Normal Appearance:

Personality: Torrent is primarily a leader, and generally does his best to keep those he is responsible for safe. He is usually fairly reserved, and always aware of things going on around him, which results in him having a sort of intimidating presence. While he likes to avoid conflict when possible, he places much more value on results than his own reputation. He theoretically prefers to consider his options before doing anything, but this is more from experience than his personality, and in unfamiliar situations he is prone to acting without thinking, especially if someone he cares about is threatened. Though he rarely outright admits it, he puts little to no effort into hiding the fact that he's an Abnai/"fire demon." Instead, he lets people think what they want, and abuses that aspect of his reputation when he can.

Abilities/Powers: Torrent is an Abnai. Depending on who you ask, this means he is either blessed by the gods, or a highly dangerous demon. What it means in practice, though, is that he can light a lot of things on fire. He has the ability to light magic itself on fire, and burn it off at whatever rate- and heat- he chooses. The resulting fire is a dark red/hot pink color, and will burn anything it comes in contact with, even if it doesn't normally burn, for as long as Torrent lets it. Usually he powers this ability with his own magic, but he can just as easily use magic from the air or, theoretically, other people. The main problem with this ability, other than it's near-universal bad reputation, is that the more fire he has at once, the more likely he is to lose control of it. This ability is almost exclusively melee, though he can throw it with effort, and leave flames burning at some distance. When he stops controlling the fire, he can choose to let it revert into mundane fire, or put it out entirely. In very extreme circumstances, he can wreathe himself entirely in flames so hot that they burn almost everything near-instantly. This makes him nearly invincible and incredibly dangerous, but is very easy to lose control of, and will seriously tire him out.
Abnai Appearance:

Skills: He is a good deal larger than the average gryphon, which means he is also tougher than average, both in strength and stamina. He is fairly experienced in melee combat, using his talons and sheer weight as his main weapon, and sometimes his beak or hind claws. He can fly for a very long time, at a decent speed, but is not particularly agile in the air. He also has experience as a leader, and therefore most of the relevant skills, such as decision making and communication. He's decent at negotiating with others, but tends to use intimidation more than is strictly necessary when he's unsure about a situation.

Other: Torrent is usually a fan of pickles, but he is fairly sure fuzzy ones are moldy and therefore not edible.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by JellieXap on Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:42 pm

Name: MeinMein (Mee-yen-Mee-yen)
Age: 357 years
Gender: Female
Species: Felinae Faunus

Homeworld: Kapathos.
A land typically associated with large beasts and a commonly used for trophy hunting. Occasionally an intelligent species will find its way off of the hunting planet, to either pursue a better education, or a different lifestyle. Some however, refuse to leave and would rather stay in their natural environment with the ability to stay and practice ancient beliefs.

Appearance: ( 4’ 8’’, 95lbs )
MeinMein is a small figure, with soft, shorthaired, digitigrade legs. She also has large feline ears atop short, scruffy, fluffy, hair. Small, bioluminescent nubs are also attached to the skull of this peculiar species for the purpose of attracting mates ( And lighting up in the dark to attract prey ). She typically wears a small belt to carry her Kalimba, and wears a leather strap across her chest, as well as a short leather cloak to keep herself warm. Small black boots are fitted to her small paws to store money and sometimes daggers.

Unlike most of her species, MeinMein is a genuinely shy creature. She enjoys spending time alone, but also enjoys the presence of another around her. She is somewhat reserved, but enjoys attention ( Especially near her nubs ), and approves of many pets, ( Unless they lewd her nubs ).

- Night Vision
- Highly attractive glowey nubs that can flicker like christmas lights
 The ability to manipulate nature and raise charisma by playing the small,
 magical Kalimba
- Claws. Sharp claws. Bitey fangs. Nom nom.
- Bites and Scratches inflict a sleep paralysis on smaller creatures, but would only
 so much as daze and relax a larger animal. ( Unless many wounds are inflicted
 by claw or tooth ) { Side effect of natural abilities }

- Always lands on her feet
- High agility
- Impressive hearing, smelling, eyesight
- An impressive sense of rhythm
- Quick to understand or recognize patterns

Other: She’s fuzzy.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Volt on Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:18 pm

Name: Marsh Wonton

Age: 159

Gender: Male

Species: Bleth

Homeworld: Pollum

Appearance: The Bleth people are sentient minds taking control of husks through their own power. Marsh Wonton, being one of the people's few war heroes, takes control of various husks as he chooses. His current husk (which must be a dead entity before a Bleth can control it) is a former general of an opponent's invading army. The Bleth, and Marsh, repelled and Marsh took his body as a trophy. Slick, oily white scales across the body, singular horned head. Black large bead eyes. Somewhat lanky frame. Stands roughly 7 feet tall. Bipedal, with larger than average feet. Marsh Wonton wears a robe threaded with silver, with a singular Bleth medal of honor on the right side of his chest. A mostly royal blue robe with it's silver accents, sturdy enough to sustain some piercing strikes, but projectiles are dangerous (to the robe, the scales are somewhat resistant) Without their husks, Bleths are simply clouds of smoke with a dim energy in the center.

Personality: Marsh is a tactician, and usually refuses to rush into anything. The race itself tends to differ between those that are mostly warlords or those that prefer to stay passive. Marsh, being a decorated veteran, tends to rush to his people's defense. He's a man of code, of calculation, of focus. He's not necessarily agreeable to someone who takes stances opposite his own, but he knows how to be respectful. Comedy isn't his strong suit. He's not much of a conversationalist depending on the person, or the conversation itself. If it's worth his time, he'll take an interest. Headstrong to a T, for his people and for himself.


- Marsh maintains the ability to control husks, just like the natural ability of any Bleth. This is a quick process, and is mostly marked by a tattoo administered somewhere on the husk's body to show that is, indeed, a husk but to show who it belongs to. Usually resembles a seal, a name, initials, or etc. Husk transports can be done quickly, but usually simply popping into another husk is a massive disadvantage, because although they can provide themselves with a new body to fight with, they have no idea of the inner workings of it just yet. It can take anywhere between seconds or years to fully understand a new life form, based on complexity. In a way, these various different races and their abilities are Marsh's own.


- Weapon expertise. Through his age, he's seen wars with races and technological achievement through his own people. Because of the abduction of other races bodies, weapons and armaments had to be adopted to be used by various kinds of races. His usual equipment is an adapted energy revolver (mostly resembles a Colt Navy 1851, because I think that looks cool) and in rare occasions he uses a form of scattering laser-shotgun (Sort of a Winchester 1897, keep things easy). He's somewhat of a marksman, adapting to his husk nicely over the years of use. He tends to not have much trouble adapting to new weapon types, depending on his husk.

Other: Really enjoys a good meatloaf. What's the meat? Who cares.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Wyvlen on Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:52 pm

Name: Rouhn Thanasima

Age: 4 cycles (he ain’t smol though)

Gender: Male

Species: Stveka

Homeworld: Ket

Appearance: In the first pic he is very smol, but the second pic is up to speed size-wize, lol.

Personality: He’s quite friendly, but cautious, and is very careful when touching/holding/grabbing anything. He can be sneaky and is very good at figuring out how to get into people’s stuff (keep all machines and tech aWAY FROM THIS CHILD). He is passionate about things, especially when he’s upset. He isn’t aggressive, but don’t piss him off- he’s very big and is also a predator animal. Fuzzy pickles.

Abilities/Powers: None.

Skills: He can talk, moreso if he is able to understand a lot in a conversation (though, he probably can’t hold a conversation very long). He can bite things. Can swim, and is very good at climbing as he is built to do so. He also has a great amount of stamina and doesn’t tire easily. Decent at problem solving, if rather basic at times.

Other: None.

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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

Post by Valnarian on Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:32 pm

Name: Zhesta’kai Ob’olok

Age: 83

Gender: Male

Species: Cher’pakha

Homeworld: Urush-jahon

Physical Appearance: Zhesta’kai resembles a large turtle in overall appearance, being about eight feet in height. He has a thick shell, the carapace being the largest part; it is brown, with thickly-ridged scutes down the middle, and spine-like scutes along the edges. The plastron, while sturdy, is far less extensive, being creamy-white in color. He has a longish tail, with annuli-like rings of scales making it resemble an armadillo’s tail. His limbs are thicker at their lower segments than the uppers, and are more thickly scaled as well. The skin around the upper parts is loose, and has small scales. His feet are short, and the digits mostly appear as thick, rhino-like claws, four in total; his hands are short, but his fingers have fairly long claws. His neck is longish and loose-skinned. His head is wedge-shaped, with a beak-like mouth, and sharp teeth. He has a small frill on the back of his head, with six horns extending from it, the middle being the longest. He has olive-green eyes, and a longish tongue; he has a row of small spines going up his snout from his upper snout to his frill top, in the middle of which he has a short but broad horn at the brow.

Personality: Zhesta’kai is rather cynical in his outlook, and possesses a wry sense of humor. He is generally friendly towards others just so long as his friendliness is reciprocated, but hates being told what to do. Although he doesn’t look for fights, he will not shrink from a conflict, and will readily fight anyone who provokes or threatens him or a friend. Despite this, he is not an incautious person, and will always stop to evaluate a situation before acting. He is very practical in his way of thinking and acting, and is cautious about trusting and forming relationships with people. However, he has a soft spot for innocence in people; he can at times display unusual compassion towards others, and at times can be a substantial source of wisdom.

Abilities/Skills: Zhesta’kai is incredibly strong, and is capable of lifting several times his own weight. He can also move rapidly over short distances and in short bursts; however, he doesn’t have a lot of stamina, and tires fairly rapidly. His shell is able to absorb shots from light firearms, as well as all but the strongest blades; his weak spots are his neck, and his limb joints. He is able to lash out at enemies with his tail, and can also deliver a powerful head-butt, with the help of an extendable/retractable neck; additionally, he wields a pair of brass knuckles that can only be lifted by the strongest people. He has a fair amount of self-taught fighting skill; in addition, he is also very gifted as a mechanic and engineer, and is good at repairing machines and hacking computers.

Other: Zhesta’kai has a huge appetite, and very catholic tastes in food. He is also virtually immune to the effects of alcohol. Additionally, he rarely refers to people by their given names, but rather by nicknames that he himself come sup with, usually right upon meeting them.


Name: Il-Sychai Nychía

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Species: Akrid

Homeworld: Entómo

Physical Appearance: Il-Sychai has the appearance of a humanoid insect. He is about four feet in height, and covered with a greenish-brown exoskeleton. His thorax is covered with two main plates joined at the sides, his abdomen is made of segments, and his groin and backside are covered with two plates joined in a similar way to his thorax, with the end of the dorsal plate being a back-curved spine. His dorsal thorax plate has a raised spine at the back, and midway along the back edge of this plate, he has two pairs of translucent wings, colored yellow. His neck is segmented similar to his abdomen, and his head is somewhat like a grasshopper’s in shape. His eyes are on stalks, and can be withdrawn into his head; the eyes themselves are yellow, with small, black pupil-like marks, and the tops are drawn up slightly into hornlike extensions. About midway between his eyes and his mandibles, he has antennae resembling those of a bee. In the middle of his face he has a tiny pair of triangular flaps that rub and vibrate together; this creates sound the way a cricket would when rubbing its wings, and is how he speaks and makes sound. His limbs are structured somewhat like a humans, but covered with exoskeletal plates, and he had three fingers on each hand. His legs are digitigrade, with two digits facing forward, and a much smaller one pointed back; each of his toes had two segments, while his fingers (with the exception of the thumbs) having three like a human’s. The ends of each digit are sharp and claw-like.

Personality: Il-Sychi is a child prodigy, possessing a genius intellect, a photographic memory, and a knack for picking up on details that others would be inclined to miss. He is especially fond of the medicinal applications of Life String Science (genetics, as it’s known in other worlds), and has made some groundbreaking discoveries. However, he is highly introverted, and decidedly lacking in social skills. He is extremely sensitive and quite shy, and is easily upset. He generally finds it difficult to trust and bond with new people, but once he does, he does so very strongly. He is deeply caring, both about those he loves, and about people in general, and is motivated by a strong desire to help others. He also hates fighting, and does everything he can to avoid it. He is also not the bravest person, and during intense danger, has a tendency to freeze up with fear, sometimes even run.

Abilities/Skills: In terms of physical strength, Il-Sychi is fairly average for his kind, being about what one would expect of a human of similar age, and he has no training or combat experience. He is quite adept at healing, however, more so than many people who have studied the art their whole lives, and always carries some supplies with him in a backpack. Being an Akrid, he can fly, though, being young, he is not very proficient at it yet.

Other: Il-Sychi stammers when he speaks, a trait which gets accentuated whenever he is frightened or upset; however, his speech gets better if he is speaking about something which he is passionate about.

Name: Supani’sav (but generally goes by Nodd)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Qwi’Ren

Homeworld: Born on Valnar

Appearance: Nodd is five foot ten, and is covered in fur, being fairly dark, purplish-black on the dorsal side, grading to some grayish-brown beneath. This fur tends to be similar a panther, being smooth, silky, and sleeked to his body. This lighter colorations turns to sandy brown on the throat, chin and cheeks, as well as under his underarms and hands, and on his feet and tarsi. He has a somewhat sheep-like face, but with a more prominent brow and somewhat rounder cranium. He has a mane of longer hair starting as a narrow point on the top of his head, and then broadening out to what would be places of hair growth on humans. He has the slightest beginnings of a beard on his chin. This mane, in fact, is almost exactly like human hair in way it grows on his head, and extends past his shoulders in length. He has arms and a torso structured like a human, but has pointed claws on his fingers. His legs are digitigrade, and end in four, weight-bearing toes, clawed like his fingers, and dewclaws on his tarsi. He has a longish tail similar to a cat’s in appearance, with the fur being longer and thicker towards the end, giving the impression that the tail itself is thicker here. He wears a plain, sand-brown toga which comes just past his knees, and has sandals that are made to fit his feet.

Personality: Nodd has a heart of gold. He is kind, and trusting to a fault, and would never tell a lie. He tries always to see the best in others, and is very willing to forgive. Although training to be a missionary, he has had no experience outside of Valnar, so while he has heard that things people and things are different and often bad, he does not grasp the depth of it. As such, he is innocent and naïve, guile-less and gullible, and being unfamiliar with dishonesty, can often be deceived easily. He too readily believes that people are motivated by the best intentions, and is always surprised and horrified to find otherwise. He has no experience in dangerous situations, and sometimes can be so bewildered by the evil he sees around him that he can freeze up; however, when he feels he knows what to do, or what is right, he doesn’t hesitate to do it. He is fairly brave, and makes the most loyal friend you can ask for. He is always ready to give comfort and counsel to anyone, although, in a moral disagreement, he can sometimes be at a loss what to say since he takes everything he believes as given and obvious.

Abilities/Powers: Nodd is fairly athletic, and has a great sense of balance, enough that he can walk along a tree branch or other such narrow bridge without too much trouble. Otherwise, his strength and agility are average for his species, being about that of a similar-sized human. He is considered by many to have wisdom past what one would expect for one of his age.

Skills: Nodd is great at reading and wriiing, and has a knack for translating. His most noticeable skill, however, is his singing ability. Like all of his kind, he has a beautiful voice, but his is even more lovely than average; even when he is simply talking his voice is pleasing to hear, made more so by his gracious and kindly way of speaking. His singing frequently can cause people to have strong emotional reactions, sometimes bringing up memories and feelings that they generally keep hidden.

Other: Fuzzy Pickles[/b]
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Re: Triviis (Character Sheets)

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